General terms and conditions of sale (CGV)

Identification of the editor / operator of the online store
LC Group 163 rue de Rome 13006 MARSEILLE – FRANCE Tél : N° SIRET : 414 915 090 00115

The company “Groupe LC” sells its products remotely via the Internet network.


The present general conditions aim to define the terms of sale between the company “LC Group” and its customers hereafter defined. A customer under these general conditions is any person who orders on the website

Field of application
The present general conditions of sale govern the sale of the products found on the site on the day the order is placed.



Furthermore, the “LC Group” excludes all legal liability in the event of non-compliance with contractual obligations resulting from force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, including, but not limited to, internal or external labor disputes, fires, disasters, internal or external breakdowns and, in general, any event which could affect the execution of an order.


Customers who order via the website of “Groupe LC” in French language are deemed to buy in France and are therefore subject to French law.

Capacity to contract
The purchase of a product found on the website of the company “Groupe LC” is not an act of management of daily life, in view of the respect of Article 1124 of the Civil Code, any customer of the company “Groupe LC” declares to have the capacity to contract under the conditions described below, that is to say to be an emancipated minor or to have the legal majority and not to be protected in the sense of Article 488 of the Civil Code.


Acceptance of the customer
The fact that the customer checks the box “I have read and accepted the general conditions of sale! “before validating his/her order automatically entails the express acceptance of the present general conditions of sale.
These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.
The general conditions of sale can be read directly on the site. They can be sent by e-mail, by fax or by post on request.


Modification of the General Conditions of Sale
The present conditions are modifiable at any time, the customer is thus invited to read them regularly. Each version of the present has a precise date, the orders are thus governed by the general conditions which can be consulted on line or on simple request at the date of the order.

Characteristics of the products
The company “Groupe LC” endeavours to present as accurately as possible the essential characteristics of the products offered for sale on the website
The information is that given by the suppliers. The company “LC Group” is in no way responsible for erroneous data transmitted by the suppliers.
A confirmation of these characteristics is always possible by calling the sales department of the company or by sending an e-mail.
The products offered are in conformity with the European legislation in force and the standards applicable in Europe.

The prices are indicated in euros, including all taxes and excluding shipping costs.

The prices of the suppliers of the company being in constant evolution, the prices posted on the site are likely to be modified at any time. They are also likely to vary due to launch prices, promotions or sales.

All prices are given subject to obvious typographical errors.

Shipping costs
Shipping costs are charged according to the weight of the products and/or the delivery method chosen. The rates applied are based on the price list of the post office, So collissimo.


The customer places an order with the company “LC Group” directly through the website
The company “LC Group” is not responsible for errors in sending e-mail or errors in sending packages due to incorrectly typed information or written by the customer himself, or an incorrectly completed form.

It is sent to the customer an e-mail confirmation of his order provided that the e-mail address he has indicated in the order form does not contain any error.

Availability of products
If the company “LC Group” cannot obtain a product from its suppliers, it will notify the customer of the expected delay by e-mail. The latter may then choose to cancel his order, on the basis of this new information. No cancellation penalty will be applied for such an order cancellation.


Means of payment
The customer can pay by credit card via our secure system. Payment is only accepted for amounts between 06 and 1000 Euros including VAT. The card is debited as soon as the order is placed.

The company “Groupe LC” reserves the right to suspend any order management and any delivery in case of refusal of authorization of payment by credit card from the officially accredited bodies or in case of non payment. In case of failure of the transaction, the customer is requested not to place the same order several times and to contact the company “LC Group” which will do its utmost with the bank in question to find out if the order has nevertheless been taken into account.

When placing an order on the site, your credit card number is sent directly to our partner for the secure transaction. The latter proceeds to the various checks of the validity of the card, then sends to “LC Group” a debit authorization. This transaction request is identified by a number that allows the bank to validate the debit. For maximum security, “LC Group” HAS NO KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR BANKING INFORMATION. ONLY THE BANK MANAGES THESE DATA.

Default of payment
The Company “LC Group” reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a customer who has not paid in full or in part a previous order or with whom a dispute is being administered.

Property reserve
The company “Giraudon” remains the owner of the delivered goods until their complete payment by the customer.
The above provisions do not prevent, upon delivery of the goods, the transfer to the client of the risks of loss or deterioration of the goods subject to the retention of title as well as the damage they could cause.

The order form established online is not equivalent to an invoice.
Whatever the method of order and payment, the customer receives his invoice upon delivery, in his package.
The company “Groupe LC” keeps a digital copy of each invoice.


Preparation time
Orders placed by Internet from Monday to Thursday are processed the next day. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday are processed the following Monday.
The preparation and shipment of the package is done when all the products of the order are gathered and subject to validation of the payment by credit card.

Transport time
They depend on the carrier. The company “Groupe LC” informs the customer that the times announced (between 24 and 48 hours for a delivery in Metropolitan France) are those given by the carriers. It only transmits them to the customer as an indication. The failure to respect these deadlines by the carriers can therefore in no way engage the responsibility of the company “Groupe LC”.
In addition, the company “LC Group” wishes to point out to the customer that these deadlines do not include Sundays and holidays.

Delivery time
If the company “LC Group” has the product in stock, the delivery time is equal to the preparation time of the order plus the transport time.
If the company “LC Group” does not have the product in stock, the time it takes for the product to arrive in the company’s stock must be added to the preparation time and the transport time.

As soon as the initial announced delay is exceeded, a new delay will be communicated to the customer, by e-mail, according to the data known by the company “LC Group”. In all cases, a proposal for cancellation and/or replacement will also be made.


The products to be shipped are put in a package in compliance with the standards in the matter.

The company “LC Group” sends the customer an email confirming the shipment of his package provided that the email address he has indicated does not contain any error.

Follow-up of the parcel
The e-mail confirmation of shipment sent to the customer, mentions the number of the package that has been shipped. Thanks to this number, the customer can track his parcel on the carrier’s website.

The tracking of the package depends on the carrier and is under its responsibility. The company “Groupe LC” is not responsible for any errors that may be found on the carriers’ websites, nor for any bugs that may hinder the possibility offered to the customer to track his package on the carriers’ websites.


Place of delivery
The company “Groupe LC” delivers its products only in metropolitan France.
The products are delivered by default to the delivery address indicated by the customer.
In the event that the delivery address is different from the billing address, the customer must communicate both addresses and the package will be delivered to the delivery address specified.

Absence on the day of delivery
Depending on the case, the carrier may leave a notice in the customer’s mailbox, inviting the customer to contact the post office or the depot closest to his home or to contact him to make an appointment.

Delayed delivery
It is possible that a package does not arrive within the time guaranteed by the Post Office or by the carriers. In the case of the Post Office, the customer must contact his distributor first: the delivered parcels are often the object of a pending, in fact they are to be withdrawn at the distributor Post Office with an identity document. In all cases (La Poste or carrier), if the delay is very important the customer can contact the company “Groupe LC” in order to open an investigation for the location of the parcel: it is possible that the parcel has been lost.

Loss of parcel
In this case, the company “LC Group” is obliged to respect the deadlines imposed by the Post Office or by the carriers concerning the declaration of loss and the refund of the shipment. Therefore, the customer is also bound by these deadlines:

– Thus, he has a maximum of 10 working days from the receipt of the e-mail confirming the shipment of his package to declare it lost to the company “Groupe LC”. Beyond this period, no claim will be taken into account.
– On the other hand, if the customer has declared his lost package within the time limit explained above, the company “LC Group” is responsible for opening a claim file. In this context and it is therefore possible that it asks the customer for documents necessary to the constitution of this file.
– Finally, the final answers concerning the investigations are given by the carriers within a period varying from one to three weeks. The response can be of two types: (1) either the package is found and it is then returned to the customer following the normal procedure, (2) or the package is declared lost by the carrier and the Company “Groupe LC” informs the customer and proceeds to the refund (amount charged) or makes a second shipment at the customer’s choice.

Reception of the parcel
The parcels are given against signature to the addressee, or, depending on the case, to the janitor or janitor of the building.
If the parcel appears damaged, the customer must refuse it and make a statement of its condition with the carrier.
As a reminder, the customer also has the possibility to open the package in front of the carrier to check the conformity of the delivered goods before signing the carrier’s delivery note and to indicate on this note any anomaly concerning the delivery.

Error of delivery
Upon receipt of the package by the customer, the latter must make any claim of non-conformity of the products in kind, in quality or in quantity compared to the indications on the invoice by telephone, fax, e-mail or post to the company “LC Group”. Any claim of non-conformity not made in the rules defined above and within the time limits could not be taken into account and will release the company “LC Group” from any responsibility towards the customer.

In case of strike of the services of the Post Office, of the carriers or any other event of exceptional nature slowing down or preventing the delivery of the parcels, the company “LC Group” will implement all the means to inform the customer of the state of the expedition of his parcel.

Right of withdrawal
If for any reason whatsoever the customer is not satisfied with the product he has purchased, Article L120-20 of the Consumer Code states that he has the opportunity to withdraw from his purchase within 7 days of receipt of his package.

You can return the products purchased on the site without any reason and without any cost except for the return costs, within 10 days following the reception of the product (we estimate the date of reception as being equal to the date of shipment + 48h) to the following address

G.GIRAUDON et fils
1038 Route du Vaisseau
Cs 92040
13881 Gemenos Cedex

The purchase contract will only come into effect at the end of this 7-day return period. In case of return, the products must be returned with their original packaging and label. If the products have been damaged due to improper use, we reserve the right to ask for compensation for the loss of value.

Product exchange
The exchange of products can be done if the product is intact in its original packaging on presentation of the e-shop invoice. If the products have been damaged due to improper use, we reserve the right to ask you for compensation for the loss of value or to refuse the exchange.

Protection of personal data
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to access your personal data in our database.
To exercise this right, simply contact us by telephone or e-mail, and we will be happy to send you a copy of the information concerning you.
Furthermore, “Groupe LC” does not sell ANY personal information (in the form of address files or other) concerning its customers to other companies.