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You want to place a specific order, you need to be helped in small or large quantities?

We offer a wide range of technical sugars and customizable packaging.

For 130 years, we have been supplying professionals: food industry, organic stores, craftsmen, etc.

We are able to meet your expectations in 95% of cases thanks to the reactivity of our logistics department.

We can grind on demand (brown, white or organic sugar).

The packaging can be personalized with the image of your brand, such as the pods that you find on the terrace of cafés.

For all the everyday sugars, your distributor may have Giraudon products, ask him.

Our range of sugars for independents

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You want a packaging, a sugar, a particular marking ?

Paper, transparent film, blond sugar, organic sugar, berlingots, stevia…
We surely have what you want. Do not hesitate to ask us.


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Customize your packaging

From 260kg per reference and play the elegance card.


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You want to complete your range with a sweetener?

We package for you STÉVIA pods of natural origin.


Sugar sold in packages of 0.5kg to 5kg :


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pearl grains

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Brown sugar

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Need technical information, information on availability, delivery terms? 


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